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To inquiry about pricing please give us a call: 607-345-3050


  • Power elevating motor arm with anti-fall safety decive
  • Hardened and precision ground arm ways
  • High speed gears are made of nickel-chrome steel
  • Extra auxiliary dial for spindle feed depth indication to review the momental feed depth of spindle


Available for test and inspection. Buyer responsible for freight logistics and expenses. Seller will load onto buyer's transportation. We have the ability to deliver within 50 miles of Marathon NY. Delivery fee dependent on distance and time required. Contact us today for pricing information 607-345-3050



    Model: 837, Type: Radial Drill


    • Diameter of column: 8.25"
    • Max. distance column to spindle center: 37.40"
    • Min. distance column to spindle center: 8.625"
    • Travel of spindle head: 28.75"

20 Front St, Marathon, NY 13803

(607) 345-3050

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